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HSBC Cookie Policy

Cookies are commonly used in today's digital world. When you visit a website, a cookie is a small file that is placed on the browser or device you are using. We use cookies for different purposes including personalizing your online experience, tracking your interaction with our websites (including our online banking platform) and remembering information about your visit (e.g., logon credentials, preferences and any work in progress).

What kind of cookies does HSBC use and why?

HSBC Asset Management (Canada) and its subsidiaries have webpages and online platforms that use the following types of cookies:

Type of cookie : What it's for & how to opt-out

  1. Session cookies - These are temporary cookies that disappear once you leave our website or close your browser.
  2. Persistent cookies - These cookies are stored on your computer and collect information about how you use our websites, such as which pages you visit most. The information gathered is used to help us optimize and improve our websites to meet your needs. To change your cookie settings, follow your browser's directions on how to do this.
  3. Tailored content cookies - These are a type of persistent cookie our website uses to provide you with tailored content and product offers through a variety of channels. Our website uses Celebrus Dynamic Collection (“Celebrus”) technology to gather information about your use of our website and online banking. This includes which pages you visit on our website, how you journey through it, and how you interact with the content.

    You can opt-out of these tailored content cookies through this website. Opting out involves setting a cookie to your browser that indicates your choice. This will not affect the functionality of our website.

    Please note:
    • Opting out must be performed on each different browser and device you use
    • If you delete your cookies, you will need to go through the opt-out process again
    • Your browser must be set to allow first-party cookies for our website for the opt-out process to work
  4. Third-party cookies - We use third-party cookies to deliver marketing communications and other tailored content we believe may be of interest to you, on this or other websites. For example, if you are visiting an HSBC Asset Management website, a cookie may be passed from an advertising company (a third party) to your computer. This third-party cookie may be used to track how you navigate HSBC Asset Management sites, or other sites that use the same advertising company. To disable / enable third-party cookies, follow your browser's directions.

Are cookies safe?

The cookies we use are safe. They are not viruses or malware, and can't see what is on your device or get data from your hard drive. Many cookies are used purely to provide important security features and to help protect your data and your accounts.

If I use a public computer, will someone be able to get my details from the cookies stored on that computer?

Our cookies cannot be read by anyone else who has access to the computer to find out anything about you, other than the fact that someone using the computer may have visited our website. The cookies from our site do not in any way compromise the security of online banking.

What does advertising include?

Advertising may include delivering tailored content and product offers to you through a variety of channels, including online, telephone and email.

What is online behavioural advertising?

Information about your online activities (e.g. pages viewed on this or other websites) may be used by HSBC Asset Management (Canada) and third-parties (such as ad networks) to select ads or web content to display on this or other websites for a product, service or offer that matches your interests. This advertising practice is called online behavioural advertising (OBA) or interest-based advertising.

You can opt-out of receiving this type of advertising by going to these sites: Network Advertising Initiative or Digital Advertising Alliance. Opting out means you will still receive online advertising but it won't be based on your online behaviour or usage. You can also change your cookie settings by following your browser's directions on how to do this.

Do I need to accept cookies?

At HSBC Asset Management we use cookies to help ensure that our website functions properly. These cookies are necessary and so are set automatically.

We would also like to use some cookies to:

  • make your visit more personal
  • improve our website based on how you use it
  • support our marketing

These cookies are optional and you can choose which types you'd like to accept. To do this, select 'Manage cookie settings'.



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