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News and media coverage from industry experts at HSBC Asset Management
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Recover enters restoration phase

Benefits and Pension Monitor 21 December 2020


HSBC Asset Management announces change to the HSBC Emerging Markets Pooled Fund

HSBC Asset Management December 17, 2020


Too risky to short the recovery, investors warned

Wealth Professional 17 December 2020


Swoosh-Shaped Recovery Expected

Benefits and Pensions Monitor 29 October 2020


Natural capital debuts as an asset class

Investment Executive 26 August 2020


Market buoyant with 'stimulus only just starting'

Wealth Professional 24 August 2020


Why pension funds should have boots on the ground globally

Benefits Canada 17 April 2020


Negative territory cut not expected

Benefits and Pension Monitor 3 April 2020


Policymakers act to support markets

Benefits and Pension Monitor 20 March 2020


Value stocks remain attractive in positive Canada outlook

Wealth Professional 22 January 2020


Diversify, but don't be too bearish: HSBC chief global strategist

BNN Bloomberg 7 October 2020


A reign of much lower interest rates

BNN Bloomberg 28 August 2020


HSBC, Pollination Are Planning Series of 'Natural Capital' Funds

BNN Bloomberg 26 August 2020


Opportunities in emerging markets

Investment Executive 15 June 2020


Why alternatives are poised to play greater role in portfolios

Wealth Professional 11 June 2020


European markets showing attractive valuations

BNN Bloomberg 7 February 2020